Starter Replacement Tips

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Starter Replacement Tips

Post by 5chn3ll » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:03 pm

There are several starter DIYs for the 996 scattered across the Interweb. Conceptually, this project is not very difficult, but there are a couple of really rotten things to deal with.

* When removing the plenum, remove all four hose clamps completely, and then slide the rubberized sleeves as far off of the plenum as possible. Pop the right side out first.

* When removing the starter, loosen the top bolt first, but do not remove it. If you do, the starter will sag as you start to remove the bottom starter bolt - which will block access to the bolt and make removing the bolt much more difficult. After situating the new starter, install the top bolt first, and then back it out a turn or two - this will make dealing with the lower bolt much easier.

* To get to the bottom starter bolt, remove the right-hand bolt on the alternator (there is an idler pulley on this bolt). Assemble several 3/8 socket extensions and push them through the void made accessible at the bottom right of the alternator by removing the pulley. Use a wobble extension at the end - you do not have a straight shot at the bolt. IMPORTANT: Reach in with your right hand and guide the socket onto the bottom starter bolt rather than trying to coax the socket onto the bolt head from the outside.

* When reinstalling the plenum, slide the left side in first, and then rock the plenum back and forth to get it to pop back in on the right side.

* When replacing the hose clamps, be aware of the small-diameter tubes connected to both of the rubberized couplers - ensure they are not trapped under the clamps before you tighten them.

* Lightly snug all four hose clamps, and then temporarily reinstall the throttle body so you can properly position the pad that's attached to the lower left throttle body bolt. Once that pad is aligned, tighten the two left-side hose clamps to lock the plenum in place, then remove the throttle body to tighten the two hose clamps on the right side.

* If you are wearing coveralls or long sleeves, tape up your right sleeve. You'll be reaching into a small space several times to remove the old starter, put the new one in, and guide the socket on that damnable bottom starter bolt, and there are lots of things to catch a sleeve on.
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