Installing Porsche OEM roof rack

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Installing Porsche OEM roof rack

Post by EPiK » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:09 pm

You would think it would be straight forward.. I picked up an OEM roof rack off Pelican a few months ago and went to install it. The "screw-out-placeholder-studs" in the roof rails all are seized. So seized in fact that the heads of the slot head screws snapped off when I tried to remove them. So tough that when I tried to drill and extract the 1st of the 4 that I broke the bolt extractor off in the stud. Now I need to painstakingly dremel out each and every one til its paper thin, just so it will let go and I can remove it. I'll have a tap ready to clean up the threads just in case.

All this just so I can take the bikes to new and exciting places with my son this summer on my days off.

any other experiences with this? suggestions not involving a torch? using PB Blaster to soak it down, but its not helping.
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