996 GT3 fiberglass wing and decklid $1500.

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996 GT3 fiberglass wing and decklid $1500.

Post by EPiK » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:49 pm

Changing it up.. or testing the waters.. won't hurt my feelings if it sells quickly since I have my eye on something else, but I won't take kindly to lowballs either as I do love the look and don't have to sell it

*Full Disclosure
Came on my 1999 996 Carrera 2 when I bought it. Carbon fiber vinyl was applied to the top of the wing to cover imperfections. This is a 2 piece set, so that portion is capable of repair or replacement. The top surface of the wing is swelled due to pressure build up from cracks in the surface.

The bottom decklid is in great condition, although the paintjob wasn't great, found one run at the base of the upright for the wing.

Great deal for a racer or budget GT3 enthusiast, if possible I'm going another direction with my 996.

*warning/be aware
You WILL want to have some frontal aero to compensate for this wing, it causes front end lift at speed otherwise.

I'll send you as many pictures as you want of anything about it. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Will ship fully insured thru FedEx Ground with buyer paying at my corporate account rates.

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