918 spyder

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918 spyder

Post by TCC » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:54 pm

Since this is a new forum, i'm not too concerned about posting repeats of old articles. Attached is a video from a couple of years a ago that many of you many have seen, but it's worth watching for a couple of reasons
1. It's interesting
2. It actually makes our 'analog' cars seem operationally elegant. Compared to our 996's, the 918 is crazy complex, in fact probably ridiculously so. Our simple little sleds seem so elegantly simple by comparison and quite enjoyably so.
I remember last summer in one of our local club's Saturday morning runs, a guy with a 918 spyder came out. What a treat it was. He was real good about it; people were welcome to sit in it and drool etc. On the drive up the beautiful Sea to Sky highway up here, i happened to be in front of him as the conga line of cars snaked up the highway. On a particular stretch, i observed that he dropped waaay back in my mirror, opening up a couple of hundred yard gap. Then, like something out of a star wars movie, he was INSTANTLY behind me as he accelerated like it had warp drive. So unreal to see. What a beast.


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Re: 918 spyder

Post by FRUNKenstein » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:35 pm

But the headlights aren't round.
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