Budget Accident Repair on 955

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Re: Budget Accident Repair on 955

Post by gnat » Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:44 am

Yeah our's goes nuts too, but we don't get extremes that often. When we do though, they make up for it. In fact they also like to make the "worse than normal but still mundane" sound like the apocalypse too.

We just got 5" of snow the other week (that they horribly screwed up the predictions) and you would have thought we were being covered by volcanic ash they way they went on. Most of it melted by the next day, but they still went on like you were lucky if you could open your front door :roll:

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Re: Budget Accident Repair on 955

Post by FRUNKenstein » Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:36 pm

OK, got the Cayenne back from the body shop. They did a great job and quickly as well. But, the body shop bill was $2,184, about $1,000 more than I expected. I didn't complain at all because the shop owners are friends (I actually got them - and wrote - a 4 page article with pics on their shop for a local magazine when it opened). I didn't get an estimate - just told them to be fair when I dropped it off, so I've got no right to bitch and moan. But they certainly didn't give me the good buddy discount - for example, they charged me $100 just to clear an airbag light (no repair, just erased the code).

Anyhow, even with that increased charge and replacing the windshield ($330 done by a glass shop - unrelated incident), we came out $1,000 ahead of what insurance paid. So, overall, I'm happy. Not Cuda happy, but still good.

So, the boy will be back to cock-of-the-walk status when he gets back on campus, with the ladies flocking to him and his sweet Porsche ride. And I'll save the extra $1,000 to put toward some bodywork sprucing up on the 951. But I'll damn sure get an estimate from my buddy for that work (and 2 other bids from other shops I know just because the trust is gone).
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