What twisted reasons do you admire the Porsche 996?

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Re: What twisted reasons do you admire the Porsche 996?

Post by FRUNKenstein » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:31 am

b3freak wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:41 am

((Battle Cry))
Yes, we're different. We don't look same as the others. We don't perform like the others. But our failures are unique, our past is behind us, and our future is laid before; therefore, let's stick together brothas. Life is too short to complain about how we were born. We're NOT victims! Suck it up. They think we're a bunch of losers with sissy mentalities. They say the only way we'd win a race, is if we were the only ones on the track and even then we'd have to be towed past the finish line! The side of the road is where THEY say we belong. Is that true? Are going to get kicked to the curb? NOOO! Are we going to let them burn rubber in our faces? NO! Are we going to let them rev up there non-IMS cars in our ears? NOoooOOOOooooOO!!! Are we going let them point their perfectly round headlights in our eyes? NOOOOOO!!!! Ok then... Get out there in the battle and show'm who is boss! VICTORY is our battle cry!

For a moment there, I thought that was the 928 owners' battle cry.
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