996 injector replacement

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996 injector replacement

Post by Einsteiger » Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:05 am

As the Bhagwan once said: "Paranoia is compleat awareness" :mrgreen:

One item on my SPEEDiagnostics report keeps haunting me: A RED for "fuel dilution" - outside normal limits. Based upon the recent bore scoring videos, the most logical cause is a sloppy injector or two. There are NO symptoms of rough running, missing, etc. I thought about running through a bottle of Techron, like I used to do with my '87 5.6L Benz V8, but the conventional wisdom is that there really is not a consumer-available, add-to-the-fuel tank injector cleaner that works well. Anything strong enough to clean the injectors should probably not be run through the fuel pump.

In typical knee-jerk fashion, I intend to replace the current injectors with new, Porsche OEM's.

There is a great DIY on Pelican for replacing injectors: https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticl ... cement.htm

The question is: has anyone here actually DONE a DIY injector job? The whole lowering-the-motor aspect has me debating the wisdom of a DIY. The alternative is a $90/hr shop rate, but then it would be done quicker, correctly, etc.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Right now I'm going to take my own version of a Sunday Drive and probably dilute the DT-40 a little. :) Side note: I noticed a difference between the new DT-40 and the old Mobil 1.
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